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Indoor Advertising Facts & Benefits

  • Higher recall rate than other media
  • 64% of washroom visitors recalled one or more of the washroom ads
  • Restroom billboard advertising receives consumers undivided attention for 1.5 to 2 full minutes
  • 80% of viewers felt the ads were more noticeable than ads appearing in other media
  • Can be targeted to men or women
  • The average bar/restaurant patron sees advertisement 3 times per visit

Top Reasons to Advertise Indoors

  • Your ad is strategically placed where it is virtually impossible to ignore.
  • You have 1 – 4 full minutes of your prospective customer’s time while they’re physically idle, yet mentally engaged…without any interruptions or distractions. Compare that with the mere 3 – 5 seconds spent glancing at the average print ad. And they can’t change the channels or turn the page (like they do with other advertising).
  • Indoor Billboards catches your audience at the rare time each day when they are literally starving for something to read.? The billboards serve as a neat, well maintained alternative to newspapers and magazines in restrooms.
  • You can target your message to reach specific demographics such as gender, income, lifestyle, and age. As a result, you spend less of your advertising dollar and still reach a higher percentage of your desired target market.

We offer full color advertising for no extra charge. Your message will have visual impact that most black & white advertisements can’t achieve. We take great pride in our work…ensuring that your ad will be presented professionally and tastefully.

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